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Youth Outreach And Leadership Institute (YOALI

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What is YOALI

YOALI is a description for the night, and is based on the Solar deity, Piltzintecuhtli;  the Son of day and Night, son of the first man and woman on Earth, and guardian and protector of children. 

Youth Outreach and Learning Institute (YOALI) is a youth-oriented program whose goal is to minimize youth violence through outreach and cultural trainings based on ancestral native traditions. Youth outreach is conducted through an intergenerational approach to help embrace and learn traditional virtues and values, continuing the way of live the ancestors taught.

We believe that ethical & culturally-based community activism was, and is, the foundation of all our efforts.

Cultural trainings encompass a realistic and intimate approach, including native traditional which individuals can utilize in their daily life to promote positive values and virtue.


As the primary focus of community; sharing wholesome family values with the next generation, ensuring a more viable healthy society.


As a means to reach those who may not have an opportunity to find and develop self-empowerment, reaching those who don’t have a voice.


Always sharing information about history, Family values, cultural teachings, higher education, and technology.


Establish a formula for youth based on the Natural Laws, revisiting timeless methodologies of healing (mental, spiritual, and physical). We empower youth to gain the skills to help themselves. Balancing traditions with Modern mainstream Education.

About Robert Castro

Robert Castro has spent over 30 years of dedication to the End Barrio Warfare movement. He has devoted countless years to mentor and advocate for youth -being their voice. His commitment to save the lives of youth has taken him to many communities. He doesn’t discriminate when it comes to helping youth if there is a need, he is there. He volunteered for over 2 years to teach cultural activities in the Santa Clara County juvenile hall.

He has organized and worked with other agencies on projects such as peace runs from county to county and marches to bring awareness for Justice. He has earned many awards of recognition for his work and goes above and beyond in his efforts to bring awareness to the needs of the communities, especially its youth. YOALI is a dream that has become a reality for Robert.