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Six Directions

The Six Directions



The symbol of spirituality, precious knowledge, and the Sun. The direction of East.


The symbol of medicine, honoring our Women, the season of Spring and new beginnings. The direction of West.


The symbol of memory, consciousness, reflection, and the spirit word. The resting place of ancestors who have passed. Quietud y reposo (quite peace) The direction of North.



The symbol of our Will, The left handed Hummingbird (La Voluntad). Honoring the warriors who died in battle, Winter Solstice. The direction of South.


The center of the universe. The cosmic heavens, especially the sun. Our prayers to bless our Community. The direction of the sky.


Our Mother Earth. The Spring waters deep in the earth- a pure form of life. We give thanks for all the natural things the earth provides. A symbol of our honored mothers as well as Grand mothers. The direction of Earth.