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Youth Outreach And Leadership Institute (YOALI

Who We Are


A Movement Based On Ethics & Culture

This community based organization was founded by the Castro Family ( Robert, Laura, and Daughter Yolanda) along with core volunteers. The effort to support youth that face many obstacles was and still is applied with cultural, traditional values.

The Castro’s became involved in community organizing as early as the late 1970’s Robert and Laura were exposed to progressive movements that advocated social change and equality in the Chicano/Native community.

After initiating the first Aztek Dance group in San Jose, Familia Castro applied traditional teachings to assist youth and Families to find balance.

Combining Youth violence Prevention/Intervention with Culture, this approach of community well-being proved to be based on common sense.

Members of YOALI still strive to apply humility and reciprocity as specified in our cultural value system; cognitive development became evident in the change in attitude and behavior in previous and current participants.

YOALI continues to maintain commitment, and evolves as needed without compromising original intent.



Our mission is to keep the well-being of youth a priority. To assist them to find and understand normalcy when they encounter stressful situations. To teach them a healthy way of life. Utilizing our Native traditions by example; how to preserve these traditions- so they may be the caretakers for the next 7 generations.

To assist them to embrace the balance of contemporary education, and a traditional way of life. Provide our youth the clarity needed to live a productive life.


"To minimize youth violence by providing traditional cultural teachings that instill positive values."